Post-election Monday OFF


This week the weekend is longer. After having Saturday and Sunday full of sunshine, warmth and nice people it is high time to start on my reportTTTT, unfortunately. One good thing is that it is raining outside, so I am locked inside.


The EIGHT week already started and I am so suprised to see that the time is flying…
10 more day to go before Ionni is coming, feeling ashamed that I have to host her in this shitty apartment :S

I hope this week I will manage to finish the company`s website and release it officially…

I hope I won`t miss the deadline to apply for uni in CPN and they will accept my documents (fingers crossed) 🙂

And finally, I hope that Skat did a mistake with my tax return, otherwise I will be very poor :S

have nice week all 🙂

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