I finally tried Maltese night life!!! What should I say…
Well, lets start with the places

  • dirty
  • cheap
  • bad music mixing all kinds of music in 10 minutes
  • DJ`s are creaming during mixing songs 😀
  • 17+

Then, the people are

  • very short
  • a it brownish
  • stupid
  • very fat
  • nasty
  • you can get blind of you see them kissing

The night

  • was good because we manage to change more than 5 clubs and try some of them again
  • inside the concept is the same but it was nice to walk around
  • everything is just on the same street, so no problem of changing places
  • nice picture some of them coming below
  • nice to party with Joosep and his flatmate

But the worst thing is that people are smoking inside – unbreathable situations :D:D:D


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