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  • Is that “Yes” or “No”?

    Is that “Yes” or “No”?

    I have been asked so many time why I shake my head and say “Yes!”, why I nod when meaning “No!”?!  People told me that they didn`t understand my response. Others just accused me of not knowing how to use gestures?! Hmm? A gesture is a form of non-verbal communication in which visible bodily actions communicate particular messages, either in place of speech or together and in parallel with words. Using gesture in communication can be confusing sometimes, especially when we travel to other countries.

  • Banoffee pie

    Banoffee pie

    It was my best friend @Ionni Markova who introduced me to this very special, sweet, yammy cake. She came to visit me in Malta and we had a day for sightseeing in Mdina. We were Ionni, Antoniya and me at Fontalla Tea Garden. We were all so hungry for some sweet after walking around the […]

  • Biking over Brabrand Sø

    Biking over Brabrand Sø

    Yesterday I was bored staying home so I decided to take a nice bike trip over Brabrand lake. It was a typical danish weather ~ 5 min. rain, 5 min. sunshine, 5 min. clouds and so on… But, it was really enjoyable experience not that much because there were many other people doing sports but […]

  • Home is… Where?

    Home is… Where?

    What is home and where do we feel at home? Studying abroad was the most dramatic change in my life that made me see the world from different angle. Living away from my birth place gave me some extra thoughts about what home is and where it is for me. What make me feel at […]

  • Me- cyclist!?

    Me- cyclist!?

    I remember cycling home late in the night coming from downtown after work last December. It was very snowy and my bike was uncontrollable.  I used to hate the hill up on Palidan-Mullers Vej. But I was in a hurry to go home and say “HI” to my brother. Now, five months later I am […]

  • Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter to all who celebrate it now! Христос Воскресе! As mentioned before mommy and me prepared Easter bread very traditional for Bulgaria. It is a bit tough to make it actually because it requires a lot of time, preparations, and patience. I tried to do some Easter cupcakes…but my Easter Bunny ended up looking […]

  • Easter preparation

    Easter preparation

    Missing last Easter was not so cool. This time my family will spoil the Easter celebration. We dyed eggs today by using some egg color paint, elastic bands, crayons, wax, oil, and type. It is usually me and my mommy who dye the eggs. It took us about 2-3 enjoyable hours. The tradition says that […]

  • Crepes


    Eating some tasty nutella crepes with mommy…  the same old good taste that can`t be compared. The feeling of childhood….yammy yammy

  • Good Morning Sliven

    Good Morning Sliven

    Received yellow tulips for my name day. Bringing the magic atmosphere in the room. Time to write my report and get some work done…

  • Coming home

    Coming home

    Believe it or not I am finally at home. Feeling great to be able to say that I am at home and to actually see that there are people who care about me and love me. Feeling like my daddy`s princess and my mommy`s spoiled little girl. So great that can`t be described. In fact, […]

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